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Volunteer Lawyers and Law Students Providing


Who are we?

  • Since opening in 2020, the Pro Bono Employment Law Clinic has provided employment law services for free to Ontario from June 1 to August 31, inclusive.  

  • Our services are provided by phone, email and/or videoconferencing.


Can we help?

  • Are you facing an employment related challenge due to: 

    • Unemployment

    • Underemployment

    • Workplace Safety

    • Injury suffered in the workplace 

    • Workplace Injury 

    • Workplace Violence/Harassment  

    • Discrimination and/or human rights 

    • A job-offer or a new contract due to COVID-19

  • Are you a resident of Ontario and are having difficulty affording a lawyer?


How do I contact the Employment Law Clinic?

  • Starting on June 1, you can contact the Employment Law Clinic. 

  • Email us at or leave a detailed message on our voicemail (613) 562.5800 Ex.3846 between June 1 to August 31. Note that this email and voicemail are not monitored outside of this date range. 

  • Please provide the following information in English or French: 

    • Your contact information​

    • A short summary of the legal issues and questions

    • Your employment contract, as applicable

  • A volunteer with the Clinic will contact you within 48 hours.  

  • Should you require legal services before June 1 or after August 31, we strongly suggest that you contact Pro Bono Law Ontario.

What Services do we provide? 

  • If we can help, the Clinic provides the following free limited legal services:

    • Intake interview

    • Legal analysis (oral or written) of your situation 

    • Draft letters to current/ former employers, as applicable

    • Assistance in writing the following legal documents to be submitted by you, as applicable: 

      • Statements of Claim 

      • Applications to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

      • Complaints to the Canadian Human Rights Commission

      • Occupational Health and Safety Complaints to the Ministry of Labour/Labour Board

      • Employment Standards Act Complaints to the Ontario Ministry of Labour

      • WSIB Workplace injury claims

  • Our services end after helping you write the above documents.  




Termination/ Wrongful Dismissal
Stressed Woman
Human Rights
Health & Safety
Construction Worker
Standards Claims
Construction Project
Young Woman with Mask


Our team of experienced volunteer lawyers and law students from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law joined forces to launch the Ottawa Pro Bono Employment Law Legal Clinic in 2020.  The Clinic have been run every year thereafter. 

Our mandate is to provide free summary legal advice to individuals who are facing unemployment or are experiencing other work-related legal issues and who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer. Due to COVID-19, all of our services will be provided remotely through telephone, email, and videoconferencing. 

We provide our services in both official languages.

From June 1 to August 31, we invite you to  email a summary of your legal issue and associated questions to today and one of our law students or lawyer volunteers will get back to you within 48 hours.  Note that this email is not monitored outside of this date range. 


(613) 562.5800 x 3846
Get In Touch

Thanks for emailing us!

One of our law students or lawyer volunteers will get back to you within 48 hours.

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